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Stress-Free Survival During A Winter Storm

Published by Jennifer on January 8, 2018 in category: Water Damage Restoration

The harsh winter storm known as the bomb cyclone is creating intense weather patterns throughout the East Coast that is also affected surrounding areas.

The high winds and heavy snowfall can create damages to your property that may need immediate assistance, and the experts at 911 Restoration of Upper Marlboro are available 24/7/365 to provide you with that help.

If you find yourself dealing with storm damages that need immediate assistance, you do not need to hesitate to call our remediation workers. We will be at your doorstep within 45 minutes, ready to get to work repairing any leaks, flooding, pipe bursts or any other incident you discover in your home.

When it comes to storm emergencies, it is critical to the recovery of your property to act fast, which is why our storm cleanup crew will brave the storm to provide you with same day services. So, call our storm damage remediation professionals today and we will conduct a free inspection of the property as soon as we arrive on the scene to see what needs to be done to keep your safe during the bomb cyclone.

Learn How To Successfully Ride Out A Winter Storm

If you are in an area that is being affected by the bomb cyclone, then it is important to stay indoors as much as possible in order to keep away from the elements.

Staying warm is crucial during a storm of this magnitude. The cold spike has caused temperatures to drastically drop, making it necessary to run your heating system at a consistent temp around the clock.

You can conserve the heat in your home by keeping bedroom doors closed and blocked the bottom with towels or clothes. Keeping the windows covered by heavy drapes also helps. This will trap the heat in the room that is being used.

Keep up to date on what the media is saying about the local weather conditions. There is a lot of hype surrounding this storm, so it is important to get factual information regarding wind and snow conditions.

Do not leave your pets outside during the storm. It is easy to forget that animals are affected by the cold just the same as it affects us, and they can easily freeze if left outside.

Be aware of friends, relatives and neighbors that are also riding out the storm, especially if they are alone. By staying in contact with people throughout the bomb cyclone you can more easily reach out for help if need be.

911 Restoration Upper Marlboro is also standing by around the clock to assist you with whatever you may need, from sending out repair works to simply answering questions. You can also call FEMA and The Red Cross if you need even more emergency assistance.

You Don’t Have To Wait Long For Assistance During The Bomb Cyclone

We know that it may seem overwhelming when you are in the midst of a storm of this magnitude, but when our professionals are on your property, you can stay calm knowing that we have got you covered from here on out.

Our crews have many years of experience working during heavy storms such as the bomb cyclone, so you can trust that we know exactly what needs to be done to get you feeling safe again.

We implement these remediation steps as soon as we arrive, starting with a free estimate. During this we go over every bit of damage and asses the scope of the work, because we want everyone to be on the same page before any work is started.

Making this process as easy as possible for you is the goal of our technicians, so call 911 Restoration of Upper Marlboro today and we will make sure you get the customer service you deserve.

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