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Can Sprinklers Cause Water Damage To Your Home?

Published by 911 Restoration PG County on February 16, 2022 in category: Water Damage Restoration

How garden sprinklers can lead to water damageSprinklers are great to keep your lawn green and bushes bright. They are also a way for your kids to cool off during the summer season. However, excessive water usage can risk water damage to the interior and exterior of your house. Taking preemptive measures to protect your home from flooding is the key to preventing sprinklers water damage. In this blog post, we’ll cover both fire and lawn sprinklers and share details about their water damage potential. So keep reading to learn more. 

How Garden Sprinklers Can Lead to Water Damage 

From mechanical fault to human error, anything can lead to severe water damage. Here is a look at some causes of water damage that result from sprinkler malfunction. 

Burst Pipes

Sprinklers are connected with the water supply pipe of your home. If there is a leakage, it can result in serious water damage inside the house. Sometimes, the pipelines running underneath your lawn are damaged. They create sinkholes next to your sprinklers. Running your sprinklers on a damaged pipe can lead to severe water damage because water pressure will expand the crack and burst the pipelines. 

Lack of Workmanship 

Improper sprinkler installation can also be a cause of water damage. This happens when the construction project is rushed. So if you find a home that’s built years before its ideal construction timeline, know that the project has been rushed, and there might be some problems in the pipe system. 


Running your sprinklers all day seems like an excellent idea for a summer party, but it can lead to overspray water damage. This happens when the sprinklers take too much pressure from the water supply and start spraying rapidly. When the water pressure increases, sprinklers might throw water inside your house. Therefore, it’s best to run your sprinklers on a timer and set them off at night when you go to bed. 

How to Prevent Garden Sprinkler From Flooding My House?

Garden sprinklers might seem harmless, but they won’t power off and flood everything when they start acting up. Not to mention the amount of water they’ll waste. However, you can calm your garden sprinklers in two ways. 

    1. Use Rain Sensors: Rain sensors are excellent for preventing excessive water usage. They can be installed on your garden sprinklers, and they’ll detect rain. As a result, your sprinklers won’t turn on when it rains. 
  • Setting Timer: Garden sprinklers can be controlled by setting timers. Most people put their morning sprinkle time hours before they wake up. This can lead to potential water damage if your sprinkler system malfunctions and you’re asleep. Always set your sprinkler timers close to the hours you’re at home and awake. 

How Much Water Damage Can Fire Sprinklers Cause?

A standard commercial-grade fire sprinkler uses 20-40 gallons of water per minute to put out a fire. Once these sprinklers are turned on, they won’t turn off until someone from the fire department comes and switches off the valves. If help arrives in 15-20 minutes, your house will probably be flooded with water. As a result, you’ll be dealing with catastrophic water damage to your home. 

Installing fire sprinklers may seem like trading one disaster with another – Floor Vs. Fire. However, adequately installed fire sprinklers are designed to use the least water to put out a fire. Moreover, if your sprinkler uses hundreds of water gallons to put out fire, the fire department will use 1000’s, which means your house will be gushing water from the windows. 

Fire damage isn’t pretty, and it might be true that you are trading one disaster with another, but at the same time, you are putting your life over your furniture. And the former is more important. 

Fire Sprinkler Water Damage Restoration 

Sprinkler water damage can quickly turn from a minor wet floor to a flood disaster. Here are things you can do to minimize sprinkler water damage to your house. 

Remove Wooden Items 

Wood is susceptible to water damage and can quickly turn bad. Moving wooden furniture and wooden crockery to a safe place should be your first plan of action. Second, if the water has spread in every area of your house, you should move your clothes and other items porous to water damage to a safe place. 

Remove Water From Your House

You can use a water pump for that. Still, if the water damage is beyond your control, it’s best to contact local water restoration companies. They’ll quickly rid your house of water and prevent mold and mildew infestation. 

Dry Your House

You can use a dehumidifier to dry your home. Make sure to use it everywhere and properly dry the countertops, sofas, and other items in your house. Vacuum cleaners can help dry your sofa to some extent. Still, if water has penetrated deep within, it’s best to contact a professional and prevent your furniture from rotting. 

911 PG County – Your Best Chance of Water Damage Restoration

Garden and fire sprinklers are necessary additions to your home. But they should be installed properly. Moreover, they can lead to massive water damage if you aren’t careful. At 911 restoration PG County, we offer water restoration services, fire and smoke damage restoration, and a quick response time. You can dial (301) 246-8517 in case of an emergency. Our lines are 24/7 open for your assistance. 

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